Gustav Eckrodt

Level Design & Virtual Reality





– Head of Team

– Scrum Master

– Level Design

-Art Direction

Introducing Sealed

Welcome to Sealed, a puzzle game that encourages the player to think outside the box!The games very unique mechanics offer players a one-of-a-kind experience. 
You can download Sealed here: (Windows)(macOS)


Sealed game-mechanics are something truly unique. Players solve puzzles while giving up control keys to activate doors, lasers and teleporters.

Game Art

We took a very simple approach to the games art-style, keeping it in a cartoon-esque appearance.
The colors are subtle and carefully chosen – with green spice!
The art represents an unprecedented effort to match AAA standards and has been created to the highest of our abilities.  


Sealeds’ game environment has been constructed attentively, with close attention to detail –  aligned to the precious and hailed phi-grid.Levels get gradually harder to solve, as the player has to carefully think about their next move.


Sealed has been created in a custom made engine, featuring PBR!

Closing Words

I learned a lot from this project and I am grateful for working with this wonderful team. Thank you.
Feel free to download Sealed here! (Windows)(macOS)