Gustav Eckrodt

Level Design & Virtual Reality





– Level Design

-Art Direction

de_hygge is a competitively playing defuse-map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, offering an uniquely interesting and well-playing map layout.
The level itself encourages players to use creative and different strategies every round, while retaining its simplistic design elegantly.
Hygge has been designed for ‘Active-Duty’ team-play.

Introducing Hygge

The goal of this project was to create a completely unique and  fresh map layout for players to enjoy without re-inventing the wheel. This resulted in a ‘baseball’-esque design, that substantially contrasts with the classic ‘four-square’ layout, encouraging players to develop new strategies never seen before – providing fun gameplay to both teams at any given time.
Working with community and friends was a given for this project, as the level evolved and improved in the process of testing it.
The map underwent a visual facelift allowing more sharp and readable aesthetics, also adapting to the new art style the game is heading towards.

Bombsite A

Bombsite A offers the terrorists a range of verticality, as well as a ground attack route over Long which is directly connected to the site. The spot itself has been reworked carefully numerous times, focused on toughen attacks towards the site, both for attacking and re-taking it.

Bombsite B

As Bombsite B requires the terrorist teams vigorous force to conquer the site and the same effort to defend it, it is demanding quick decision-making, reflexes and razor-sharp wit. With varied elevation, a vent with a breakable grille and risky cover for ninjas and heroes, this adventuresome bombsite provides players a fresh experience for a long time to come.


Numerous connections lead to Middle, granting players exquisite rotation times among both sites. As Mid-control fundamentally gives teams dominance  over A and B, intense battles along with ever changing combat situations often stage themselves in this area. It’s a place of organised chaos.   


Although Hygge is a community-made project, the map contains various professionally crafted custom 3D-assets, seamless textures and lovingly-created decals. The map represents a peerless amount of effort to deliver a high-quality product. A large period of time went into adapting the level to the new art style, that the game is heading towards.  

Closing Words

de_hygge’s idea and theme emerged in 2016, on a short trip to denmark. The map has evolved over more than two years of full-scale play-testing, countless iterations and professional producing, resulting in a caringly created level. Thank you to everybody, who has helped me play-testing my map!
You can try out my map here.

Thank you.