The Quantum Supremacy

Gustav Eckrodt

Level Design & Virtual Reality




Due to 2020’s great crisis that is the Covid-Virus, the taking place of the Gogbot-Festival was in danger. Therefore, we created an online tour featuring the artists contributions to the festival.


-Level Design

-3D Art

-Technical Solutions

-Event Scripting

A tour through the facility

The visualizations’ level layout is kept extremely simplified, as it is opted to guide the user around to easily examine the installations, videos and photos.

To optimize the simplicity of the navigation aspect even further, the rooms have been color-coded in such a way, that the theme of the world was still in-style with the festivals’ cyber-punky nature.

The center-hub connects up the eight exhibition rooms that contain the artists work.

Technical Solutions

Throughout the creation of the experience, regular test-sessions revealed where the visualization is headed. From the beginning on, an awareness of the target audience proved to make an impact on how the user would interact with the environment. Therefore an extremely simple system was adopted, where users only needed to use the mouse to navigate and interact.


The exhibits of the festival are split up into three parts: Photos, Videos, and Installations.

Videos and photos are displayed on monitors, that are arranged across the virtual space. Installations (including this years flagship of the festival called ‘Cluster’) are allocated into special rooms, that were carefully developed together with the responsible artists.

Please visit the Gogbot website to check out this visualisation!