Gustav Eckrodt

Level Design & Virtual Reality





– Level Design

-Art Direction

This article focuses mainly on the user experience of the level. If you want to read more about the production of Cosmodrome, please click here.

Introducing Cosmodrome

Cosmodrome is a well-tested, competetivley playing level for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The level has been created and perfected for over an entire year, as it still in development.

Level Design

Cosmodromes’ layout has been carefully designed, as many hours of testing went into this project throughout every stage of development. Focused on verticality, the level offers great strategic depth, as well as engaging gameplay to players of all levels of skill.

Although the layout was created with a setting in mind, the level feels right in size and fairness.

Bombsite A

Bombsite A offers great strategic deth in gameplay for both opposing forces in the game. While battling out over the control of the bombsite, the level covertly offers both teams to utilize their height differences and equipment.

Bombsite B

As it requires the Terrorist teams’ brute force, quick thinking and strategic play to conquer the site, it takes the same heroic effort to re-take it for the Counter-terrorist team.

Bombsite B is a classic bottleneck example of target zone in Counter-strike, as the attacking team can use a quick, yet complex route to the bombsite, as well as a longer and riskier route, that offers the team a tactical advantage over the defending team.


The middle area defines how a map plays and guides players in Counter-Strike. It is a cruicial part of any level of the game, as it is an area that connects all important areas of the level. Cosmodromes’ middle features a state-of-the-art principle of supporting all types of gameplay-elements to ensure fun in every situation of the match.


Cosmodromes’ game art has been developed with Counter-Strikes shifting visual style in mind. Lovingly created 3D models fill the scene, while still retaining good visibility, ensuring that graphics don’t hinder gameplay at any given time.

The level itself tells’ little stories wherever the player looks, adding charme to the environment.