Gustav Eckrodt

Level Design & Virtual Reality

Hi, my name is Gustav Eckrodt.

Most people call me Gus.

Early on already, I found myself not just playing video games but also making my own content for them. In fact, some of the most fun and social memories I treasure come from testing my new levels with my friends.

And thus, I began my journey to the fast and colorful world of game design.

Over the years, my focus on who I want to be evolved. If you would have asked me at the beginning of my studies, where I would see myself in five years, I would have said I wanted to be a 3D-Artist and Level Designer.

Ask me now, and my definitive answer matured towards virtual reality. VR has a wonderful gift of fully immersing players into situations and environments, that they could not ever find themselves in in the normal world. I want to use that opportunity to show and tell, and most importantly, entertain!

Let’s go back in time. Way back to the year 2008. I just had my very first computer, equipped with TeamSpeak and Counter-Strike: Source. Life was weightless back then, talking to my friends after school was over, enjoying countless hours on the latest of my craziest and zaniest creations for that game.

This early phase, which came from my passion to create, paved the cornerstone of what I was about to get into.

Fast forward by more than a decade, I find myself with a Bachelor of Arts from a dutch study route called Game Design and Production.